Features of the premises








New detached building with an area of over 760 m2 was designed and built specifically for the needs of a kindergarten. The building complies with all building, sanitary and fire safety codes/regulations required by law. Taking care of the children's safety, our kindergarten has an extensive 24 hours monitoring system which covers the outside of the building and its interior.



5 classrooms
Bright, spacious, modern furnished and fully equipped with all required educational resources. Both furniture and toys have all required certificates of safety. 'TARKET's flooring are made of natural materials that are 73% renewable, moreover, the floor has got natural germicidal properties that allows it to maintain proper hygiene.

Sports/entertainment hall
A spacious room providing children the space to exercise during corrective gymnastic and sporting activities. It is also a place where we organise balls, performances and birthdays.

Equipped with certified beds and cupboards for personal linens. The naptime is not mandatory. Parents/carers decide whether the child should have it.

A therapeutic room
It is used for speech therapy, consultations with psychologist and/or paediatrician etc.

A professionally equipped kitchen with all modern appliances, we prepare all meals on site.

Dining room
Designed for learning table etiquette from an early age.

In each classroom, suitable for small children.

Spacious, green playground designed specifically for the needs of our kindergarten, designed by people for whom safety is the priority.

Car park
Big and spacious, designed with parents mind.


Carnival Promotion

Nursery Class
We would like to invite 2 years old children to join our cosy nursery class where we apply especially devised original curriculum. It focuses on supporting the child's emotional, social, cognitive and physical development.

Open Day 18.06

We would like to invite you to an Open Day at our kindergarten on the 18st of June 2016 (Saturday) from 11am - 1pm. The program includes activities and creative workshops for children and parents.


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