As part of the tuition we provide:

  • realisation of the educational programme
  • full board (4 meals a day)
  • two classroom teachers in each class, where one of the teachers communicates with children in English only
  • English everyday (classes with a native speaker 4 times a week, with a lector 1 x week). Both are fully qualified in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of National Education having studied linguistics and pedagogy.
  • Music and movement lessons x 2 week
  • Corrective gymnastics  x 1 week
  • speech therapy x 1 week
  • Psychologist care
  • Also "Development Plan" (It includes trips to the theatre, cinema, museum, a farm and many others. As part of the scheme we invite to our nursery interesting guests such as: a biologist conducting lessons about insects, a dog therapy specialist and many others).






Gross price

Registration fee

A one-time non-refundable registration fee, paid via bank transfer to the nursery’s bank account on the day of the completion of the agreement.


600 zł

Tuition fee

Tuition fee is paid in advance via bank transfer or by cash to the 10th day of each month.


1100  zł (all day)

800 zł (half day –for the younger children- 2-3 years old)

Extra-curriculum classes

Chinese language lessons dance lessons, pottery classes, mixed martial arts „Young Warriors”, sensory integration classes, fitness  for kids, experiments

monthly for each chosen type of activity

40 - 100 zł


Discounts for siblings:
- 100 PLN taution fee for the second child and another.




Carnival Promotion

Nursery Class
We would like to invite 2 years old children to join our cosy nursery class where we apply especially devised original curriculum. It focuses on supporting the child's emotional, social, cognitive and physical development.

Open Day 18.06

We would like to invite you to an Open Day at our kindergarten on the 18st of June 2016 (Saturday) from 11am - 1pm. The program includes activities and creative workshops for children and parents.


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