Our personnel


Our staff are comprised of creative and qualified teachers, English teachers, a team of psychologists, speech therapists and instructors of extracurricular activities. The aim of the work of the whole team is to provide care and education to children at the highest level.




JUSTYNA MARCINIAK - Polish-speaking Class Teacher

AGATA OSTROWSKA - Polish-speaking Class Teacher

AGNIESZKA PICH-Polish Speaking Class Teacher

MONIKA KORZYBSKA - Polish Speaking Class Teacher

SYLWIA BUDZYNSKA- Polish Speaking Class Teacher

DOROTA CHARĄŻKA - English Speaking Class Teacher

KAROLINA STEFANEK- English Speaking Class Teacher

DARIA SEROCZYŃSKA - English Speaking Class Teacher

AGNIESZKA PUTEK - English Lector-The Key Language School

I am a teacher of English - it's my passion, hobby and professional life. Within a few years I had the pleasure of working with children, youths and adults. However, teaching children gives me the most satisfaction and the greatest reward is when a child smiles, so I make every effort to ensure that the lessons bring them joy and fun. For seven years I lived, worked and trained as a professional in the UK. I completed two years of English study in the City and Islington College in London (Cambridge Advanced English and Certificate of Proficiency in English). I have done postgraduate studies in English at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities -Methodology of teaching English. I also have MA in Sociology (Catholic University of Lublin). I use English every day, not only at work but at home with my husband Christopher and our son Oliver.

CHRISTOPHER SMITH - English Native Speaker-The Key Language School

I have one goal when I teach English and that is “I must have fun!” strange as it may sound it is the truth. Because how can you expect the children to be having fun if you’re not? How can you expect children to be interested in the lesson, if you’re not? How can you expect children to put in the effort to learn, if you’re not putting in any effort to teach? It would be so much easier to teach as per the “Teachers Book” step 1. Do this, step 2. Get child A to say “Hello” but how boring is that! I would hate teaching it and more importantly the children would hate learning it!

So every song I sing, I give 100% and sing at the top of my voice like it’s the first time I’ve ever heard it. Every new word they learn you have to praise, praise and then praise some more. Every story you read you have to show how totally amazed you were at the ending. The children that I teach continually and truly amaze me. I read unit descriptions and vocabulary and think to myself, they can’t do this. But after 5 minutes the children tell me that it’s too easy and let’s do something else.

So now the boring stuff. I’m from Greenwich in south east London a beautiful part of London. In England my work experience was based around management working for large multinational corporations. I studied “Masters of business administration” at Cardiff University to compliment my career and actually working in management with a large group of employees is not to different from working in Kindergartens. So how did I move from management in Greater London to Piaseczno. Well I never really felt comfortable in the corporate world, I never felt fulfilled, like my job made a difference and that my life must be worth more than, waking at 6am working to 6pm then eating, shower and bed ready to do it all again tomorrow. So when I met Agnieszka my wife and she said lets go to live in Poland I said O.k. So I studied the C.E.L.T.A in 2011 and we arrived in October with a 2 month old son Oliver and the rest as they say is history.

MAGDALENA SOBANIEC – child physiotherapist with postgraduate diploma in pedagogy.


 MICHAŁ JABŁUCKI - Music and movement teacher

From an early age I showed musical abilities and an interest in music. Before my parents sent me to a music centre (1992-1996r) I practised by myself, and l taught myself by ear to play the accordion, keyboard and flute. In 1996-2001 I attended high school while also being educated under the supervision of renowned masters in “Pipe Organ College” in Kielce. After graduating I decided to continue to develop my love of music and a desire to share my knowledge with others choosing to study a B.A degree in music specialising in the area of pedagogy in Świętokrzyska Academy. I graduated in 2005 with distinction. During the last year of studying I started working with children in a private music kindergartens as a music and movement, choir and piano teacher. After two years of working in this position I decided to focus on the music and movement classes, therefore I started my own business. Since 2007 I've been cooperating with the institutions which appreciate my experience, abilities, and good contact with children.


An experienced therapist of children and adults with autism. Graduated of the Coaches School and the School of Business Coaches in the Trop Group . Created her own program of supporting and cooperating with parents "A parents is also a human" (www.rodzictezczlowiek.pl). Conducts training courses, workshops, individual coaching and group coaching for parents who are tired of routine, stress and having no time. She helps them achieve inner peace and accompanies them on the way to achieve a balance in all areas of life. A propagator of the idea "happy parent - happy child". Since 2008 she has been a mother. Cooperates with kindergartens since September 2014 and has been providing psychological services in our nursery.




Working with small children the most important objectives are their care and education. For our teachers working in our kindergarten the care and education that your children receive is not only our duty but our mission and passion. Harmonious, comprehensive and individual development of the child is possible under the right conditions, in an appropriately prepared learning environment. Our kindergarten provides such conditions. The bright, spacious classrooms, dining room and hygienic toilets are suitable for all children, a cosy dormitory, large playground, carefully prepared meals and our nursery equipment provides the conditions for the comprehensive development of every child. Professional lead teachers, class teachers and other staff, as well as the selection of pre-school education programs can guarantee achievement of our objectives. Considering stimulation of individual development of each child and the nature of the group, the teachers choose among the best programs those which meet the expectations of teachers and parents, and above all the development needs of the pupils.


Our Preschool follows the programme of preschool education for children aged 3-6 years based on a series of "Together in Kindergarten", which was designed by the School and Pedagogical Publishing House. Curriculum classes are suitable to the child's age and the individual development. In the 5-years-old group the classes are conducted in accordance with the preschool program so that children are best prepared for school.

 We also operate a 2-years-old group where the classes are devised by and conducted by the teacher.

 In teaching, we also use the method of Good Start prof. Marty Bogdanovich. This method develops functions that are involved in the process of learning to read and write. We also participate in the international program “Zippy's Friends" that promotes children's mental health. Every month, we create school events called "Development Plan" and we organize trips to the cinema, theatre, meetings with interesting people, concerts and all other activities that educate through art, create a sense of patriotism and ecological attitude. We also provide religion classes for the children who are willing to attend. We also offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities:  dance classes, innovative martial arts "young warriors", "sensorki" - classes of sensory integration, pottery classes, funny experiments.


Carnival Promotion

Nursery Class
We would like to invite 2 years old children to join our cosy nursery class where we apply especially devised original curriculum. It focuses on supporting the child's emotional, social, cognitive and physical development.

Open Day 18.06

We would like to invite you to an Open Day at our kindergarten on the 18st of June 2016 (Saturday) from 11am - 1pm. The program includes activities and creative workshops for children and parents.


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