"Zippy's Friends" Programme

"Zippy's Friends" Programme

CHILD'S WORLD kindergarten participates in “Zippy's Friends" Programme. It’s an international program which promotes mental health for children from 5 to 8 years old. It develops psychosocial skills in young children. It teaches a variety of ways to cope with the difficulties and use the acquired skills in everyday life. It also improves children's relationships with other people. It does not focus on children with particular problems or difficulties, but promotes the emotional health of all children.

The fundamental concept behind the programme is that children can be taught how to cope with problems and difficulties, so they will function better in their adolescence and adult life, using these skills.

Children aged between 5-7 years old, is the period of significant development, accompanied by many changes at an enormous pace of learning and acquiring new competencies. It is also the age that a child crosses the threshold of school. The "Zippy's Friends" teaches children how to deal with changes and challenges, how to resolve conflicts and to function well in a group. It is the only program where the young children talk about death and feelings that accompany us in the situation of losing a loved one.

During the classes, we do not tell children what to do or 'this solution is good and that solution is bad'. Instead, we encourage children to analyse life situations and to think how we can possibly cope with them.

It demonstrates the importance of talking to other people when we feel sad or angry - and also the importance of listening to other people when they face difficult moments.

During the course there are many opportunities for fun, activities to talk about issues important at this stage of life, about friendship, about the changes taking place in us and around us, our successes and failures, and how to cope with difficulties. Children learn how they can find a solution, that they can ask for help and it is worth to ask, they also learn to offer help to others. The program is also highly valued by parents who not only have the opportunity to observe the changes happening in their child, but also to look into their own child’s problems.


Carnival Promotion

Nursery Class
We would like to invite 2 years old children to join our cosy nursery class where we apply especially devised original curriculum. It focuses on supporting the child's emotional, social, cognitive and physical development.

Open Day 18.06

We would like to invite you to an Open Day at our kindergarten on the 18st of June 2016 (Saturday) from 11am - 1pm. The program includes activities and creative workshops for children and parents.


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